GeoBee Superstars

  Richmond Elementary School and Camels Hump Middle School held their annual National Geographic GeoBees the last week of January, 2020. In hotly contested races, Maya Guilmette won at RES, and Elise Cournoyer (last year’s champion at RES) was the CHMS winner. Runners up at RES were Myah Gingras (second place) and Hudson Brown (third…

Musicians to Play in National Ensembles

  Musicians To Play in National Ensembles   During the 2018–19 school year, along with other accomplished music students across the United States and overseas in military base schools, Jayme Billings (Sophomore-Alto Saxophone) and Ethan Hall (Senior-Trombone) from Mount Mansfield Union High School (MMUsic) practiced with dedication to gain a chair or part in their…

Area Graduates

Area Graduates

Danielle Petralia and Ashley Hanlon of Richmond have graduated from the Vermont School Leadership Project at the Snelling Center for Government.