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The Times Ink! of Richmond and Huntington publishes monthly and is mailed free to all households in the two towns and Bolton Access Road. In addition, it is mailed to almost 100 paid subscribers and numerous local newspapers, legislators, and the UVMLibrary as a courtesy. About 150 additional copies are distributed to stores and other meeting places in the area.

The Times Ink! is a four-column format tabloid with an image size of 10" x 14.5", with a total of 58 column inches per page. The average issue is 20 pages.

CAMERA-READY ADS: $8.75 per column inch for copy requiring no changes, ready for printing as is (i.e., good, clear copy which needs no enlarging or reduction. Please see our column sizes listed below.

Ads (see chart below) requiring design or layout work will be billed at $40 per hour with a minimum charge of $8.

All ads that take up a partial column width will be billed as if a full column width.

Scans or halftones will be billed at $8.50. Proofs will be billed at $8.00

SERVICE DIRECTORY: $25 for 3 months, $40 for 6 months, $60 per year, .20/word for listings over 20 words per issue. To qualify for lower rate, listing must not be changed.

NON-BUSINESS CLASSIFIEDS: $4/issue for first 20 words; .20 per word over 20 words.

INSERTS: 3050 inserts must be delivered, already printed, to the printer by the Friday before the publication date. $225

CONTRACT DISCOUNTS: 12-issue ad contract with an 12-issue prepayment 20% in full prior to contract beginning.

PAYMENT: All classifieds must be prepaid. We do not bill classifieds. All new accounts must be prepaid. Accounts over 2 months in arrears will not receive any discounts until paid in full. Posting is done on the date of publication.

Payment received by date of publication is considered prepaid. A 5% discount for prepayment (payment before publication) is allowed.


Meg Howard, Advertising & Billing:
Heidi Racht, Graphic Designer & Editor: 434-2690,

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2019 Ad Deadlines

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Standard Size Rates for Camera-Ready Ads

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